Problems on webpage

During the summer has been subjected for a lot of  spam-user accounts and spam comments, this has let to a temporarily disablement of the "register new user" function. 

To register a new user please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or wait till we fix the problem.

Autonomous Vehicle Contest

Sparkfun every year have this Autonomous Vehicle Contest have been a success since its start.

Follow the link to know more Sparkfun AVC

Some one interested to get to the competition next year?

Global Cloud Robotics Hackathon

Just found this on the net, and thought that it could be fun to join.


Hexapod - We are working hard on it.

The work on the hexapod is going great.

We now have our own custom made remode, see part 3 of the worklog.

And we are now running the pwn signals on a FPGA, see part 4.

Visit our webpage regularly to see the news...


It is now possible to add comments. Help us to improve our projects with your knowledge..

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